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TiAL 38mm V-band MV-S wastegate (aka VB38)

TiAL 38mm V-band MV-S wastegate (aka VB38)

TiAL 38mm V-band MV-S wastegate (aka VB38)
Product Code: VB38
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Weight: 4.00lb
Price: $255.00
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Product Information 

This is TiAL's newest and smallest wastegate that they currently offer. 
Heavy duty 347 SS alloy is used in valve and valve housing. 
17-7 PH SS actuator spring and high temperature silicone Nomex reinforced actuator diaphragm gives rock solid boost stability. 

  • Available in: silver (standard) black, blue, red, and purple.
  • Available Spring: .3, .45, .65, and .8 Bar.

  • Included with every Tial Wastegate:
  • V38 Assembly
  • V38 Valve Seat
  • Inlet V-band clamp
  • Inlet Flange
  • Outlet V-Band Clamp
  • Outlet Flange
  • 2 TiAL Air Fittings
  • 3 TiAL block off fittings

"Small was on our mind when we developed this new ultra compact 
wastegate. It stands only 3.7" in height vs the current F38 which is 
4.85" Other features include 3 bottom pressure ports for easy install 
and a top mount pressure port that can be rotated 6 different ways. No 
more bolts or gaskets and all configurations are leaded fuel safe. We 
also altered the way the diaphragm sits so it is virtually impossible to 

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